• 10-15 additional, permanent employees at site for operations

• Average of 230 construction jobs; with a peak of 370 jobs

• Approximate 30-month construction period starting mid-2019


• Expected to operate as one of the cleanest and most efficient plants in Florida

• Site location leverages existing infrastructure

• Overall, low demand for county services

• No regular groundwater use and no surface water use

Local Taxes and Revenue

• Estimated first year property tax in excess of $5 million

• Significant benefits to the county, including public school system funding

• County will earn revenue from providing utility services to the project


Environmental Advantages

• Displaces less efficient coal and older natural gas-fired power generation

• Reclaimed water to be primary source of process and cooling water

• Strategic location adjacent to Shady Hills wastewater treatment facility as primary reclaimed water supply

• No wastewater discharge to surface water or groundwater due to recycling of process wastewater in zero-liquid-discharge (ZLD) system