The Shady Hills Combined Cycle Facility (SHCCF or the Project) involves the construction and operation of a new, natural gas-fired, 573 megawatt, combined-cycle generating facility and associated facilities to be constructed, owned, and operated by the Shady Hills Energy Center, LLC (SHEC). The SHCCF will be located on approximately 14 acres in Shady Hills, Pasco County, Florida, approximately 30 miles north of Tampa.  The Project will be constructed on private property currently owned by an affiliate of the SHEC, and no condemnation of private land is anticipated to implement the SHCCF.

The SHCCF will consist of one combined cycle combustion turbine/steam turbine system equipped with advanced air emission control equipment that uses only clean, pipeline-quality natural gas fuel.  This combined-cycle capability makes the most of the input fuel, by consuming it in the combustion turbine and taking advantage of unused heat from that process to generate electricity using the steam turbine.  As a result, combined cycle technology is one of the more efficient power production technologies available today.

The SHCCF is located immediately adjacent to the existing Shady Hills Generating Station, 14240 Merchant Energy Way, Shady Hills, Florida.  The SHCCF site is east of Pasco County’s Shady Hills Wastewater Treatment Facility (SHWWTF), south of the Pasco County Solid Waste Resource Recovery Facility, and north of the North Suncoast Industrial Park.  No wetlands are present on-site and no federal, state, or local environmental lands will be affected by the SHCCF.


Primary water uses for the SHCCF will include cooling, process, service (including fire protection), and potable water. The primary water source for cooling and process use will be reclaimed water from the Pasco County Master Reuse System.  The Project’s expected annual average daily use of reclaimed water is estimated to be 2.5 million gallons per day.  Shady Hills Energy Center, LLC, the owner of the SHCCF, is currently negotiating a utility services agreement with Pasco County for the provision of reclaimed water, emergency potable water as a backup water supply, potable water for employees, and sanitary sewer services for the SHCCF.

Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) technology will be used to recycle process water at the SHCCF and eliminate the discharge of process wastewater from the site. The solids generated during operation, including dewatered lime softening clarifier sludge and crystalized solids from the ZLD process, will be non-hazardous, collected in suitable containers, and transported offsite for disposal or reuse at a facility that is permitted to receive such materials.